Welcome to McKinley Mastiffs & Australian Shepherds.   We are located in Wasilla, Alaska.   I have been in the Mastiff breed for going on 28-29 years now.  I started out rescuing and then started looking for my first show Mastiff.   I got my first show mastiff in 1999, he was CH Obstgarten’s Triton Le’ Moose CGC.  3 years later, I got CH Lamar’s Kodiak Grizzly Bear CGC.   I was hooked.   Several years later, I became the State Coordinator for “Friends of Rescued Mastiffs” or also known as F.O.R.M.    About 11 years ago, I got my first Australian Shepherd and fell in love.  Due to unforeseen circumstances, I rehomed him to a dog show friend who took him to finish all sorts of Obedience titles!    I am currently owned by Sunstone’s Two More Bottles Of Wine @ McKinley, “Blush” (now spayed), Mt. Wood’s McKinley U Can’t Cry Pretty In Da BackCntry, “Akela”, Sassanach’s Take Em’ 2 The Train Station @ McKinley and then I kept one of Akela’s pups, McKinley’s The Reasons That We R Here “Reason”.

This site is to share and hopefully help others looking for good, ethical breeders, for both of my heart breeds.
What the Lion is to the Cat, the Mastiff is to the Dog. The Noblest of the family; He stands along and all others sink before him. His courage does not exceed his temper and generosity and in attachment he equals the kindest of his race.  ~Cynographia Britannia 1800~