AK Livin’ The Dream Ranch Horses


We here at AK Livin’ The Dream Ranch board dogs and horses.   We also own horses and do riding lessons.  This page is to share our love of the Equines and allow people to follow their progress in training.

His Majesty’s Blade – “Blade” 17 yr old Friesian/Percheron/Paint.   He has been my ride or die for 12 years.  He has taken amazing care of me, he’s been there to dry tears, help run off steam and leans his big ol’ head on my shoulder……he has taken good care of my grandson off and on since he was 2 yrs old and has allowed many children to ride him.   He was used in the rodeos as the “Riderless Horse” to represent all of those we’ve lost in battle.  He, unfortunately, has been retired from riding fall of 2021 due to discovering osteoarthritis in his sacrum.   He now spends his summers at pasture with mares and foals and winters here at home being a pasture buddy to my others.



Skuggi – Skuggi is a 15 yr old Icelandic horse who came to me about 3 yrs ago.  He is the funnest little dude around.  Such a fun little personality and loves his lesson kids.


Miska Fra Tuskast – Miska is a 20 yr old Icelandic horse who came to me about 2 yrs ago.   She is a sassy, opinionated little mare that also loves her lesson kids.

FQHR Blue BurninFire – “Bugatti” or “Bug” is a 2 yr old QH filly from ND.  I purchased her as a 3 month old out of Selfridge, ND from Lance & Sunshine Froelich – she is the sweetest, most kind “baby” I’ve ever been around.   Such a great mind.  She will begin her “big girl” training next summer once she turns 3 yrs old.   I have big plans for this little powerhouse!


Touched By Tiffany – “Rumour” is a 4 yr old QH filly that I purchased and brought up from Texas, summer 2022.  She is currently in training with Strausbaugh Performance Horses and I look forward to seeing what she will accomplish in the near future!


Schaitz – Schaitz is a 7 yr old QH/Belgian/Barock Pinto cross that I purchased this summer to start training for Dressage.   She was born here in Alaska and was used up in the Alaskan Range to hunt, pack and trail ride – she is now learning the fine art of Dressage and doing amazing at it.  She will be my next Working Equitation and Dressage horse – she has big shoes to fill with replacing Blade.


Betin On Yella – “Jasper” is a 4 yr old QH gelding that I brought up from Texas Summer of 2022.  He is ALL legs, soft and gentle eye but was always low man so has some confidence issues.  He is currently looking for a new best friend to help him build that confidence.  If he is still here next summer, he will also head over to Strausbaugh Performance horses for some training.  With these long legs I think he would make someone a good jumper!  If interested in Jasper, please give us a call and come and meet him.